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Azerbaijan introduces strict lockdown – citizens must warn before exiting home

To combat the spread of coronavirus in Azerbaijan, strict restrictions on the movement of citizens will come into force starting April 5. In order to leave the home, citizens will have to inform the authorities every time via SMS.

At the same time, а state of emergency has not yet been declared in the country, and there is no state plan to mitigate the economic consequences of the quarantine regime and support those segments of the population who, due to this, have been left without a livelihood.

According to official data, as of April 2, the total number of coronavirus infected in Azerbaijan reached 400 people. Five of those infected died, 26 recovered. A strengthened quarantine regime has been introduced in the country. Closed metro. Most organizations and enterprises suspended work. Streets are patrolled by police and internal troops.

The following categories of citizens will be able to move freely with an official identity card or certificate of employment:

  • Government officials and government officials (e.g., deputies and presidential staff)
  • Ministry staff
  • Ombudsmen, lawyers
  • Employees of enterprises and organizations of national importance or engaged in life support
  • Medical workers
  • Law enforcement officers, judiciary, military personnel
  • Employees of foreign embassies and international organizations accredited in Azerbaijan.

Some will be able to obtain permits only after their employers apply for a permit for them on the website

All other citizens can leave the house only in order to:

  • to buy food and other essential goods,
  • go to the doctor,
  • go to the bank or mail
  • go to the funeral of a close relative.

First, citizens will have to send a free SMS to number 8103 with the number of their ID card and indicate the reason they need to go outside.

For violation of these rules, an administrative penalty will be imposed – from fines to a prison term.

Social media users have perceived of the restrictions as an attempt of total control by the state.

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