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2,728 mines discovered in Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar, Lachin over past 4 months

Over the past four months, 2,728 mines were discovered in Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar and Lachin districts, Report informs, citing the statement of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Azerbaijan about the detection of new Armenian-made mines in the territories of Azerbaijan and the ongoing mine threat.

The ministry noted that since August, 1,119 mines produced in Armenia in 2021 (2,728 in total) have been detected and neutralized in the Kalbajar and Lachin districts of the Azerbaijan-Armenia border, and 1,609 in the territory of the Karabakh economic region.

On November 21, a total of 350 RMN-E type anti-personnel mines, manufactured in Armenia in 2021, planted by Armenian armed groups that have not yet been removed from the territory of Azerbaijan, were discovered on the northern side of the Saribaba hill.

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