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Azerbaijani diaspora in Canada demands fair position from international community regarding attack in Iran

Canadian Azerbaijanis have issued a statement on the terrorist act committed against the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to Report.

"We, Azerbaijanis living in Canada, are deeply saddened by the killing of one Azerbaijani and wounding of two others as a result of the armed attack on the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran on January 27. Every Azerbaijani of the world considers what happened to be a terrorist act organized by the Iranian secret services," the statement reads.

"We alert the international community to the situation in the region and call for action. We bring to the attention of the UN, the European Union, the Council of Europe and their agencies, and other competent international and regional organizations the information about this terrorist act that impedes peace and stability in the region, and call for urgent legal and political action.

We demand that those responsible for crimes against peace and humanity in the region be brought to justice as soon as possible, and we expect the international community to take a just stance," the statement says.

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