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Five Azerbaijani Nationals Arrested in Bishkek Over Alleged Assassination Plot in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz news agency reports that 5 Azerbaijani nationals, who are members of a transnational organized crime group, were detained. The press center of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) reported.

Five foreigners came to the attention of the national security authorities of Kyrgyzstan: V.M. Aliev, S.A. Baghirov, M.O. Asgarov, M.S. Bekhbudrov and Z.I. Mammadov.

According to the operational data received, M.O. Asgarov has the status of a «tramp» in the criminal world. «In order to strengthen the criminal environment and spread the thieves’ ideology, as well as increase his status, he arrived with his accomplices in Kyrgyzstan to organize an assassination attempt on the country’s leadership in connection with the state’s policy of active struggle against organized crime groups, which influenced the entire post-Soviet space,» the SCNS noted.

The criminal plans emerged against the background of the activities carried out by the SCNS on mass renunciation of criminal ideology and further support of the state policy among detainees, prisoners and persons at large, which caused dissatisfaction among foreign criminal leaders.

The men were detained on March 22. Investigative measures are underway to bring them to justice in accordance with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.