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Lawyer and wife condemn harsh treatment of arrested disabled person over Facebook post

An appeal complaint has been lodged for the release of Famil Khalilov from detention, amid claims of unjustified drug charges and concerns over his health condition.

Famil Khalilov, 34, who was extradited from Sweden last year and detained on May 2nd, has been transferred to the medical-sanitary section of the Baku Investigative Isolation Facility. According to his lawyer, Bahruz Bayramov, who met him at the facility on May 7th, Khalilov’s transfer was decided upon considering his health issues.

Bayramov expressed shock at Khalilov’s condition, noting that both of his arms are disabled and observing signs of significant distress during their conversation. Khalilov reportedly denied the drug charges brought against him, claiming innocence and alleging fabrication of evidence.

Khalilov faces accusations under Article 234.4.3 of the Criminal Code, which pertains to the acquisition, transportation, and storage of drugs for sale, carrying a potential prison sentence of 5 to 12 years. The Binagadi District Court ordered a pre-trial detention measure of 4 months against him, a decision contested by his legal counsel through an appeal complaint.

His spouse, Kichikxanim Khalilova, has spoken out against the charges, asserting that they are politically motivated. She claims Khalilov’s arrest stemmed from his outspoken criticism of the government on social media platforms, including posts addressing human rights issues and calling for accountability from authorities.

Khalilov, who is classified as a first-degree disabled person, was reportedly forcefully taken from their residence in Sulutepe village by a large police contingent. Khalilova alleges mistreatment during the arrest, stating that despite Khalilov’s disabilities, he was subjected to undue force and intimidation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has refrained from commenting on Khalilov’s case, particularly regarding allegations of politically motivated arrests and mistreatment.