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14-year-old girl commits suicide in Baku due to school bullying

14-year-old girl commits suicide in Baku due to school bullying
09 April 2019 - 21:13

A teenage girl died in Baku yesterday after she jumped out of a school window on the third floor.

Her mother says she was driven towards taking her own life due to the constant bullying and harassment from her peers.

Elina Hajiyeva, 14, was in the eighth grade at School No 162 in Baku.

She transferred there from another school. Immediately after matriculation the bullying started, and she faced continuous harassment and bullying, the girl’s mother told

Elina’s mother said that the students bullied and mocked her daughter. She and her husband complained to the school administration, who promised to sort it out. However, no measures were taken.

Moreover, Elina had said that some teachers also treated her rudely.

Elina jumped out of the window on 4 April, and died two days later in hospital from multiple injuries.

Now the prosecutor’s office has took over the case. The school administration and teachers accuse the parents of neglecting their child.

The case is being actively discussed on social media. People are angry about two issues:

First: the fact that schoolchildren drove the girl to suicide, and teachers did not intervene.

And secondly: immediately after what happened, when Elina was taken to the hospital, the doctors told her parents that everything was in order and that the life of the girl was not in danger.

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