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European Union will defend Azerbaijan from Russian propaganda

European Union will defend Azerbaijan from Russian propaganda
28 April 2019 - 13:41

The United States intends to show solidarity with the EU in countering disinformation and Russia’s interference in elections in different countries, said former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan, reports The Washington Post.

Paul Ryan

Russia is now ‘interfering in democratic elections across Europe, as it was in the United States, and we cannot and will not tolerate it,’ said the congressman.

Russia’s intervention in elections in other countries is not doubted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The senior American politician threatened that the White House was ready to ‘raise the price for Russia for interfering in the affairs of other countries and go on tough actions.’

In his opinion, Russia interferes in the affairs of a number of countries, for example, Venezuela. The Russian Federation also affects Ukraine. And so around the world, ‘and not only our elections of 2016… These are all serious and real interventions,’ says Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo

In this regard, the US secretary of state makes Russia a requirement not to take actions that undermine the success of American democracy. ‘As you have seen from the activities of the current administration, we will go for tough actions that raise the price for Russia for its harmful activities,’ he warned once again.

Note that some time ago, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on countering propaganda ‘from Russia and other hostile subjects.’

Commenting for Azeri Daily on the intention of the US and the EU to combine efforts to counter Russian information policy, Member of the European Parliament, Co-Chair of the EU-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, Sajjad Karim said that the need to adopt this resolution was based on irrefutable evidence that the democratic processes in Europe ‘were infiltrated by external players, including Russia, but not only Russia.’

‘Therefore, we must protect our democracy from external encroachments. For example, there is reliable information that the financing of the Brexit campaign was conducted from Russia. It can be proved that Marine Le Pen received funds from one Russian bank well disposed towards her. It is known that similar financing schemes were also involved in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland,’ said Sajjad.

Sajjad Karim

The European parliamentarian stressed that the text of the document stated unequivocally that it applies both to the countries of the European Union and its partners, that is, the countries with which the EU has partnership relations.

‘We believe that we can learn from such countries, which more than we were victims of such campaigns,’ said Sajjad Karim.

According to him, the EU will oppose Russia’s intervention in the elections not only of the EU countries, but also of the EU partner countries.

‘Some countries are included, some are not on this list, but be sure that Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia fall under the measures that we intend to take,’ Sajjad concluded.

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