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Azerbaijani crowd beats a Chechen’ in Moscow, mass brawl and shooting

Azerbaijani crowd beats a Chechen’ in Moscow, mass brawl and shooting
18 February 2019 - 0:49

According to a theory, the brawl was caused by a video, in which several people make a Chechen apologize for an insult.

In the Moscow district of Pechatniki, a massive brawl with shooting occurred late last night, with between 70 and 100 involved, according to eyewitnesses. No one died but about 10 people were injured.

The incident began at the Neolit restaurant, when armed men rushed in and forced all visitors outside. Then the shooting started. According to the employees, the raiders wanted to get the restaurant owner. REN TV said that the business belongs to Yashar Aliyev. An Infinity belonging to the restaurant owner was severely damaged in the brawl.


The Infinity

The security footage was stolen. Over 10 people were detained at the scene, police say. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on hooliganism committed by a group of persons.

The police reported that the conflict was provoked by a minor issue. Yuri Titov, the head of the press service of the city police headquarters, stressed that about 20 people had participated in it, and the 100-people claims disseminated by the media were not true.

The Telegram Channel Siloviki suggested that the conflict could be an ethnic one. It might have been caused by a video published on YouTube channel CHechen Video; the clip was named Azerbaijani Crowd Beating Chechen. The footage shows several people making a certain Alikhan apologize for an insult.

скриншот видео

The video has now been removed for violating YouTube’s rules on insults and threats. After that, the Chechens arrived at the Azerbaijani cafe, where they staged the fights with the shooting.

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